Bicycle Month 2008 – part II

Besides all activities presented in the first part about Bicycle Month, there was a special planning for the World Carfree Day plus our traditional critical mass at the end of the month.

Carfree Day – September 22th

Our Park(ing) Day began early in the morning in XV de Novembro Street (close to Santos Andrade Square)

At noon it moved to Dr. Faivre Street in front of Progepe where it was going to have a debate with the mayor candidates from Curitiba about sustainable mobility.



Also on the 22th, a few downtown garbage cans gained life.

Although not all candidates participate of the debate, it was good to hear people discussing non-motorized transportation in such serious ways. At the end, the candidate signed a “Commitment letter”.

After the debate, around 5pm we moved once again to Amintas de Barros Street, a familiar place for us. It’s the meeting point for the monthly critical mass. Today, it would have a special one. More than 300 cyclists swept the crowded streets of downtown Curitiba at rush hour. The ride began at 6:45pm and lasted one hour and a half. Avenues five-lanes wide were completely taken by bicycles. It has never been so calm to cross these streets at rush hour. The feeling of freedom and security was such that six or seven cyclists took off their clothes for a brief moment to protest.

Critical Mass – September 27th

At the end of the month everybody was tired but extremely happy with the results of the Bicycle Month journey. Sure, we didn’t reach a substantial part of the city, but we raised a lot of questions, we brought the media and we catched the attention of a great number of people.

But we still had our traditional ride. The surprise of the day was the official opening of the Oscar Niemeyer Museum Bikepark. See a detailed report in portuguese and lots of pictures at the September-08 Critical Mass post.

Estréia do bicicletário no MON

Museum new bikepark

(see the original post in portuguese)