Bicycle Month 2008 – part I

Única ciclofaixa de Curitiba

Única ciclofaixa de Curitiba

We had a lot of good ideas for WCFD in Curitiba. However, it was impossble to promote a huge evento without support from municipalities. We would need authorization for closing streets, more buses available, a team to coordinate cultural activities, hire artists, set up food courts and shops, and produce material to broadcast and raise awareness throughout the city.

Unfortunately, we noticed soon enough that the government didn’ want to help at all, just like the previous years. So, we decided to creat a lot of small events instead of a big one.

After exposing the idea for groups and individuals that are in someway linked with the urban mobility issue in Curitiba, the basic principle to promote an event was quite simples: “Whoever came up with an idea should be responsible to execute it.”

As we had a lot of them, it was created a blog to schedule all the activities, making it easier to broadcast and coordinate each of them. Everyone involved spreaded the word to his local community. At the end of August we had almost everything arranged and there were two basic kinds of activities: weekly and unique

  • Weekly

Discussion Groups – Every Monday at 7pm

Ivan Illich and the bicycle – The Revolution on two wheels (Claudio Oliver)

Debate – Curitiba Cycle Network (Bicicletada Curitiba)

Conclusions about the Commuter Challenge 2008( Center of Urban Traffic Psychology – UFPR)

The bicycle issue in Brazil (Ministério das Cidades )

Music to leave the car – Every Thursday at 6pm

Vida na rua

Life on the streets

Quintetinho e amigos

Caê Selector e Projeto Tábua

Performance TAMO

Mistura Brava e Anomalia Antipoluição

  • Unique

Day 14: Movable Gardens

The artist Leila Pugnaloni coordinates the walking activity.

Day 16: Phto Exposition

Opening “Less gasoline, More adrenaline” at Café Zau do Juvevê. Pictures of cyclists and urban life.

Day 17: Urban Ride to the City Dump – Cachimba

Do you know how much garbage you produce and what’s its destiantion? Pick up your garbage, come and see with your own eyes.

Day 20: Cicle-Day

carga, trike, mini etc...

Feira de modelos: carga, trike, mini etc...

Show para os ciclistas

Show para os ciclistas

Bike ride from downtown to the Centro Politécnico. A lot of attractions: prizes and surprises, musical shows and bike fair.

These are a few highlights, see the list in portuguese with all the activities.

See also the post about the World Car Free Day and the September Critical Mass Ride at second part about Bicycle Month.

(see the original post in portuguese)