3rd IPPUC Meeting – March 12th

Patricio hands cyclists proposal to Clever Almeida

Patricio hands cyclists proposal to Clever Almeida

We were on the third meeting of the Curitiba Mobility Plan (PlanMob) held in the Curitiba Institute of Urban Research and Planning (IPPUC). This plan will be soon dispatched for approval in the City Hall of Curitiba (CMC). There were also representatives from the Public Transportation Syndicate, Public Ministry, URBS, Accessibility Group and some others.

After the presentation of the IPPUC proposal, the present members made their comments about the issues that concerns themselves. Here below are some of the itens presented in our report that we handed to Cléver Ubiratan Teixeira de Almeida, the PlanMob General Coordinator:

  • Detailed evaluation of the current situation of the cycle network for further improvements and expansion
  • Development of a wide Parking Program located in downtown Curitiba and the traffic generating sites, sucha as schools, the Civic Center, Shopping Centers, Hospitals, main commercial areas
  • Nomination, among the IPPUC employees, of someone dedicated exclusively to the cycle infrastructure matters.

Some of these itens are alredy part of the IPPUC proposal and were briefly discussed. Here are some of the present issues in the IPPUC proposal that should be submited to the CMC:

  • Give priority to non-motorised traffic in the Central Circulation Area, with the expansion of sidewalks, and theconstruction of cycle-paths / cycle-lanes and bike-parks; and the instalation of lights with time for pedestrian crossing.
  • Reduce the access of individual motorised vehicles to certain areas during predetermined periods.
  • Improve and expand the cycle-path system in Curitiba and their suburban connections, through a detailed Cycle Master Plan

We hope that this and other measures concerning cycle-mobility be treated as priorities and become reality as soon as possible. And we will be always available to help this come true.

Besides the general report we also gave them:

  1. a study report explaining why the 6 public bike-parks didn’t receive any offer to be activated
  2. one of the models we created for the campaign “Bike-friendly Business”
  3. a copy of the documentary Sociedade do Automóvel(in portuguese)
  4. a copy of the Free Transportation Project (in portuguese) developed in CELEPAR.


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